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mcu, avengers, hawkeye

October 2013



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Oct. 11th, 2013

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Terribly Sorry

Dear Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I finally admit I just no longer have the time to write fanfiction.  My last ditch attempt to finish them by posting them to my livejournal, with my last upload being almost a year ago, unfortunately did not work.  I’m sorry to those of you who followed me there that I was unable to finish them.

I am placing all my uncompleted stories up for adoption.  If you choose to adopt a story, please pm me (on fanfiction.net) so that I may let those interested know by posting your penname in the story in question.

I will very shortly be privatizing the fanfiction posts on my livejournal (if I haven’t already), and hosting them solely on fanfiction.net.  The few fanfictions that were introduced to my livejournal but not on fanfiction.net, will be posted on fanfiction shortly after.  I will also be uploading any remaining written portions and notes for each chapter to fanfiction.   I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for your time,


Aug. 14th, 2012

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

Lava Tentacle Kid Will End The World

I know exactly how the world will end - I dreamt it last night.

My family was in this restaurant where everyone but the waiter (cute guy - got his number - pity it won't work) was trying to kill us. Then the restaurant melted into a lava lake. Then we went home where our yard had somehow turned everything but the walkway and brick patio into lava. I started doing dishes. What does the water turn into? Lava.

Then the president comes on the TV. Apparently a kid got stuck in a lava tube, and instead of melting like he should, he got lava tentacles attached to his back, and is now swimming through the Earth's ground and oceans, turning everything into lava, and screwing the rest of us over.

What the hell, kid?!

Lava doesn't even work that way. *bangs head against wall because of new wierdest dream*

I'm completely worried with what my brain comes up with when I sleep.

Jul. 9th, 2012

mordecai, hunter, borderlands

Skyrim Purity of Revenge Quest Bug

For anyone who has come across the bug in Skyrim on the XBox 360 that the companions quest Purity of Revenge won't start after you finish Blood's Honor:

My Dad came across this glitch and we finally got it fixed.  Here's what we did.

(1) Check your miscellaneous quests.  Find the Helm of Winterhold is probably in it.  If it is, continue down the list.  If not, sorry, can't help.

(2) Go get the helm and return it to the Jarl.

(3) Check back with the Jarl of Winterhold until he gives you the same quest.

(4) When given the dialogue options to accept the quest or deny - DO NEITHER.  Back out by pressing the B button.

(5) Wait thirty-four days.  Yes, boring but worked for us.

(6) Go back to Jorrvaskr and talk to Vilkas.  

A few seconds later 'Started: Purity of Revenge' came across the top of the screen.  We both cheered.  Here's to hoping this helps anyone else with the same problem.

Do be careful not to hit Vilkas like my dad keeps doing though.  Vilkas will then attack you instead of help with the quest.

And as for updating fanfiction, I recently got my computer back, and will begin posting those again soon.

Oct. 31st, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Мои твиты

collar, white, caffrey, neal, team caffrey

My Subconscious Wants OT3

In my dream last night, instead of Keller kidnapping El, it was apparently Minnie Mouse's daughter Siobhan (I have no clue where this name came from or why even it was Minnie Mouse's daughter).

And she kidnapped her so Neal and Peter would get together.  El broke free, kicked Siobhan's ass (with a running jump into a flying kick no less), decided Neal/Peter was kinda hot, and took them both home.

Obviously, my subconscious wants this kidnapping incident ending with my White Collar OT3.

Oct. 29th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Мои твиты

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

Arkham City - not quite done

So, I finally finished the story line for Arkham City and will be using lj-cut for the rest of this entry.  

Don't read if you haven't finished the story.Collapse )

Oct. 28th, 2011

granger, potter, hermione, harry

New Weirdest Dream Ever

Before, there was a Harry Potter dream I said was the weirdest dream I ever had.  My new weirdest dream is a Harry Potter/Transformers dream.

Sam, was apparently dating Hermione instead of Mikaela, and took the place of Ron in the Horcrux hunt.  Bumblebee was a yellow Metallicar (Hermione referred to Bee as only that), which actually didn't look all that bad considering it's supposed to be shiny black.

Not sure why Bumblebee was a '67 Impala.  Maybe cause of the name Sam?

Instead of Hogwarts, Voldemort had apparently taken over my high school (really weird).  There, the tennis courts had apparently been turned into the entrance where the students checked in with the Death Eaters before going in.

Ron was there when Harry, Sam, and Hermione showed up, and had apparently taken to Voldemort's rule.  Harry, either on accident or to insult him, called Ron 'Malfoy'.  Hermione scolded Harry, telling him that that was an insult to Malfoy.  Ron beat the crap out of Harry (including several shots of stomping on his face).

Then Voldemort showed up, and Harry (miraculously healed from his encounter with Ron) blasted him.

Then I woke up.  Not sure where this dream came from.  I haven't read any Harry Potter/Transformers Xovers lately.  But I swear, this sounds it could be one.  I'll have to write it out later on.

Oct. 27th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Мои твиты


Damn Spiders

I hate spiders almost as much as I fear them.  One recently decided to take up residence in my bedroom doorway.  *shudders* 

Not only did it decide to make my doorway it's home, it failed to hang around when I finally managed to get a cup lying nearby to scoop it up with.  It doesn't help that it blends in with the color of my door.  The only reason I saw it was because I had opened my door in the first place.  I spent a good twenty minutes (at two in the morning no less) trying to catch a glimpse of the spider, so I could get it away from my room.

My bedroom is the one place I refuse to let the spiders scare me from.  The last time I saw a spider in my room, it was on my wall, and then scurried behind my headboard when I finally woke up enough to realize what the large black dot with the legs on my wall was and let out a shriek before backing to the other end of my bed.

For the next several months, I'd check the ceiling and the walls of my room, and slept curled up on the bottom half of my bed, as far away from the headboard as possible.  I'm sure Soni (my cat) was happy to have the whole top half of the bed to herself. 

And honestly, she probably found and ate the spider if it came close enough.  She's definitely far to fat and lazy to go chasing after it.

Still, it's been a year since the incident with the headboard spider.  I'm sure it's gone by now.  I've been slowly inching my way closer and closer to the headboard, but there's no way I'm ever sticking my hands through the space between it and my bed again.  They'll be kept tightly under my pillows with my head pinning them to make sure they don't wander there while I sleep.
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mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Night tremors

What keeps you up at night?
The mere thought of spiders on the ceiling.  *shivers* 

Oct. 26th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Oodles of noodles

What is your favorite go-to pasta dish?
Mac and Cheese without a doubt.  :D

Oct. 21st, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

My tweets

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Paranormal activity

Tell us a ghost or supernatural encounter you’ve experienced.
A couple of times in a certain part of the living room, I see a full body apparition of a man in a suit and a bowler hat.  My best friend and brother have also seen him.  Since my parents moved a shelf through his walkway however, he hasn't shown up.

Oct. 19th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

My tweets

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

Am In Love With Arkham City

I love Arkham City.  My mood-kitty proves it.

I'm not quite done with it yet (I'm looking for Mr. Freeze at the moment), but I love it all the same.  Even my brother likes it enough to want to try the story line (something he didn't do with Asylum).

Will be going now, to do the dishes, and get back to playing Arkham City.  :D
mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Chatty Cathy

Who do you talk to the most?
My cat.  Yeah, pathetic, I know.  But since we're usually the only two home all day, until my brother gets off of school, I talk to her a lot more than anyone else in my family.  She answers back too, although I have to figure out what each meow means.

Oct. 17th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

My tweets

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

One More Day!

One more day and I'm bouncing along with my mood-kitty.

Oct. 16th, 2011

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

Batman Plays Leapfrog With Lunatics

When it comes to the challenges for Arkham Asylum, my brother usually takes care of the fighting ones, while I take care of the predator ones.  And the Insane Night Map Pack added lunatics to the fighting one.  Lunatics, being the psychos that come out of nowhere and jump on Batman's back without any warning save for a cry that sounds like it could almost belong to a murloc from WoW.

And Batman plays leapfrog with the lunatics.

Or maybe it's just the way my brother plays it.  A lunatic would jump at him just as he was slamming another inmate into the ground, and go sailing right over his head.  My brother would then flip over several of the inmates surrounding him, including the lunatic that jumped over him.

I've seen him do this twice in a single round.  Watching Batman play leapfrog with the lunatics is almost as fun as watching him beat the crap out of inmates.
mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: What a wonderful word

What is your favorite word, and why?

My little brother believes that if my sock (or foot) touches any part of him, that part will melt and fall off.  When he annoys me, I usually threaten him with a single word, "Sock!" and lift my foot up.
mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Flashback films

Who is your favorite 80’s moviestar?
Harrison Ford...not just my favorite for the 80's though, he's my favorite actor of all time.

Oct. 12th, 2011

arkham city, scarecrow, batman

Six More Days!

Batman Arkham CitySix more days until Arkham City comes out, and I can't wait.  I've already got it pre-ordered at Gamestop, and plan on buying Microsoft Points for any DLC that appears on XBOX Live.

I think I'll start a new game on Arkham Asylum just to see if I can beat it before City comes out.  I'll probably get too bored at some point.
mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Writer's Block: Between a rock and a hard place

What's worse: a pit of snakes or a pit of spiders?
I'd hate both, but I've never actually seen a snake in person (save the tiny one in elementary school science class), so I'll have to go with spiders, as they terrify me to tears.

Oct. 11th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Мои твиты

x-men, gambit, remy, lebeau

Run Little Smurfs

I had two dreams last night.  The first one is that I went to Gamestop on October 18th to pick up my pre-ordered Batman: Arkham City and they told me it wasn't out yet.  Dream!Me freaked out.  I think that's the closest I've ever come to an actual nightmare since I got my dreamcatcher (save the one I had when I didn't realize my brother had stolen it to keep his bad dreams away).

The second was a little stranger.  Alastor Moody from Harry Potter was driving a truck, with Penny and Brain from Inspector Gadget, and the Smurfs.  They were driving away from Snape, Dr. Eggman (Sonic), and the bad guy from Meet the Robinsons, which I haven't seen (save the "Why aren't you seizing the boy?" scene on Youtube), who were all trying to catch the Smurfs for some reason.

Then Moody, despite being in the middle of traffic, with no railroad in sight, rear-ends a train, and ends up with the front of the truck through the back of the train.  Inside the train is Gavin Baker from the Closer, but apparently he's no longer a lawyer, and is now reporting the news.  He made several sarcastic comments that I don't remember very well.

Penny noticed that the tires were still going and asked Moody, "Do you still have your foot on the gas?"  "Don't want anyone saying I wasn't doing all I could," was Moody's answer.  Penny later asked, "Why don't we get out of the truck, and into the train."  "If the train flips we might need the truck," Gavin answered her.  And everyone accepted this as perfectly good logic, despite the fact that Gavin had made it clear earlier he just didn't want them on the train.

Sometimes, even I wonder how my mind comes up with these dreams.

Oct. 9th, 2011

gabriel, trickster, loki, supernatural

A Bigger Pain

My brother and I have a love/hate relationship.  Sure, we'll defend each other against other people, but we'll pick at each other until our fury erupts into slap-fights of epic proportions.  (I kid you not - Dad even said "Damn!" while watching one.)

We're also very violent with each other, slapping each other on the arm or head, kicking each other in the ankles, and I always aim between his legs.

And the poor cat, he torments her almost as much as he torments me.  He was laying on his back, holding her on her back against his chest.  I can't quite remember what caused him to say it, but he told me, "You're a pain."   I stepped on his groin, partially in retaliation, partially in the hope of freeing the cat.

He let go of the cat quickly (she ran off to hide under the china cabinet) and when he recovered, he said, "OW!  What was that for?"  "I wanted to be a bigger pain," I told him.  "Oh I hate you."
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Oct. 8th, 2011

bbc, holmes, sherlock, mycroft

Flying Fudge

Earlier today, while my mom made the salad we'd be taking to Grammy's house tomorrow, my brother was rambling on and on.  Mom and I had tuned him out for our own conversation, until he tugged on her shirt.

"Can I say that?" he asked.  "Say what?" my mom answered.  "I don't give a flying fudge."  "No."  "Why not?"  "'Cause fudge don't fly," I answered.  "It does when I throw it," he said.  As we were laughing, I told him, "Throw the fudge, and I'll kick you."
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Shoe Loving Kitty

My cat loves shoes.

Or maybe the smell of feet.  No, if that were the case she'd love socks as much as if not more than shoes.  It's definitely shoes.  Anyone's shoes.  My shoes, my brother's shoes, my mom's shoes.


She continuously sniffs them and rubs her face against them or shoves her face into the holes.  A few times I've even heard her purring.

Us girls are supposed to like shoes, right? Maybe she's making up for my lack of shoe-love.

Oct. 6th, 2011

mcu, avengers, hawkeye

Мои твиты


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